Celebrate Catholic Schools Week 2012 (By: Michele Babcock-Nice)

Celebrate Catholic Schools Week 2012

January 29 – February 5




There are so many ways that you can support Catholic schools and education in your area.  First, start by celebrating Catholic Schools Week in 2012.  Different schools may celebrate at different times, however the official celebration week is January 29 – February 5.  This year’s theme is “Faith.  Academics.  Service.” 


Statue of St. Anthony of Padua Holding Infant Jesus

Catholic schools typically have a special event, such as Open House, during Catholic Schools Week.  During this time, teachers, staff, and students may be available to answer your questions about their particular school. 

Colorful Angel Fashioned by my Son at Catholic School for Christmas 2010

Days of appreciation are also included in Catholic Schools Week to recognize and remember all those who help and support Catholic education.  Those entities or individuals who are recognized during the Appreciation Days include the parish, faculty and staff, school, students, and parents.


Coloring of Virgin Mary Completed by my Son at Catholic School in May 2010 for May Crowning

Catholic schools are well-known for instilling religious faith that Jesus taught.  Children who receive Catholic education are well-prepared for meeting the challenges of today’s ever-changing world.  

Nativity Scene Made by my Son at Catholic School, Christmas 2009

Check out your local Catholic school, research it’s academic reputation, meet it’s faculty and staff, observe students hard at work, view student projects and other creative and academic endeavors, and look into the school’s standardized test scores.  Catholic schools provide a solid faith, academic, and social foundation for our children’s futures.  See for yourself!


Statue of St. Patrick

Please consider donating your time and talents to Catholic education.  Consider sending your child or children to Catholic school.  You may be able to be financially generous to Catholic education, either locally or through the Grace Scholars Program. 

Rosary Created by my Son at Catholic School for Mother’s Day 2009

Donating educational or other items to a Catholic school, or volunteering your time to assist in classes or activities would also be helpful.  Write an article for your church’s newsletter in support of Catholic education.  Or, spread the word by talking up Catholic schools to those whom you may know.


Olive Wood Wall Crucifix

Other ways that you can support Catholic schools and education may be by nominating a Catholic school teacher for an award, or by writing and applying for a education grant on behalf of a particular school.

Tissue Paper Cross Fashioned by my Son at Catholic School for Easter 2011

Consider visiting and supporting your local Catholic school today.  A solid Catholic education paves the way for the faith, development, success, and future of our youth!


Statue of Virgin Mary

 Thank you!