“I Remember You, Linda Yalem” (By: Michele Babcock-Nice)

Today is September 29. Please remember Linda Yalem, and all victims and survivors of violence and sexual trauma.


Linda Yalem Linda Yalem

Linda Yalem.  A name, comprised of two words, of a young woman, a fellow student of mine at the University at Buffalo (UB).  Linda Yalem.  😦  Tears come to my eyes as I remember her, and the suffering and tragic loss of life that she experienced at the hands of the now-convicted Bike Path Rapist, Altemio Sanchez.  Linda Yalem (June 8, 1968 – September 29, 1990) – and other girls and women – were raped and/or murdered by Sanchez during approximately a 30-year period.  It took police investigators more than 16 years from the date of Yalem’s death on September 29, 1990 to apprehend Sanchez, who was convicted for the murders of Yalem, Majane Mazur, and Joan Diver, on August 15, 2007.

In 1990, I was a sophomore at the University at Buffalo, just as Linda was.  While I never personally knew Linda, I quickly came to know of…

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