What Are your Assumptions?

This is a wonderful post, and is actually a topic about which I have been thinking lately. I am caused to think of those who make misjudgments, mischaracterizations, and assumptions regarding me – the person who I am and my character. My ethics, morals, and standards are of the highest quality, yet is saddens and disappoints me when others make incorrect assumptions about me. It causes me to feel truly and deeply sorry for them, leading me to think of how insecure they must be in themselves.



Life is full of “unknowns”, so we all speculate and assume what we don’t know. We make decisions despite that and to the best of our guesses.

The same applies to our relationships with other people. We all hold certain assumptions towards other people (partner, close friends, or distant acquaintances). We give these, too, their share of wild “guesses”.

If we’re the suspicious type, we’re likely to have assumptions of negative intentions. We doubt what others are up to despite their disclosure. We’re uncertain about what they hide behind a probable facade they wear & distrust the truth of what they share or declare. We assume otherwise just to beware…

The assumptions that we have today are beliefs and expectations about reality which we developed at some point in the past.

While some of these assumptions can be constructive or harmless, other assumptions have the ability to destroy the relationship and trigger the whole…

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