Biden and Harris are Elected – Praise God!

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Image of President Elect Biden Speaking on National TV – CNN, November 7, 2020

I have definitely been praying for an end to the hateful, destructive, and divisive presidency of Donald Trump, and for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to be elected to govern, heal, and repair our country.

Image of Vice President Elect Kamala Harris Speaking on National TV – CNN, November 7, 2020

It is going to be quite a job – and a challenge – for Biden and Harris to get our country back to where it needs to be. Biden is so correct in stating that he is fighting for the soul of our country – because ever since before Trump was elected, I have felt that void in my own soul.

Picture of First Families-Elect and their Families on National TV – CNN, November 7, 2020

Trump is not, has not been, and never will be my president! He does not represent me, my values, my beliefs, or anything that I stand for. Trump has been an embarassment to our country each and every day that he has been in office, and it has brought our country down.

Biden and Harris will raise up our country again. Biden and Harris, in fact, will be the pair who will actually repair America and make it great again! So, I say again, praise God for Biden and Harris being elected! I am absolutely jubilant! Trump’s dictatorship will soon be at an end!! Praise God!

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