She’s a Tough Little Dog

I have been forever busy with a gazillion things going on, and have not taken a moment to give an update about my little dog. She is just the sweetest dog and has never even hurt a fly. Since she was attacked by the neighbor’s pit bull dog last August, my Yorkshire terrier has made a full recovery. I would estimate that it literally took about five months before I noticed that she was truly back to her usual self again. That was already two months ago. Thankfully, she has recovered after her terrible and traumatizing ordeal. For a long time, she did not want to go outside, and if she was outside, she did not go too far from the house – only a few feet.

I still go over the attack in my mind when I was outside walking her at lunchtime. The neighbor’s dog charged down his driveway as we were walking past and attacked my dog while we were walking on the road. I always carry mace, got it out of my pocket and maced the dog, but it made no effect. That is the first time I have maced a dog and it did not retreat from us – as this has happened several times in the past with other dogs in my neighborhood.

So much for the leash law and so much for getting any compensation from my neighbor to pay for my dog’s surgery. I am not a person who gets angry at much or very quickly, but this situation made me afraid and angry. I posted around social media with my graphic pictures of my nearly dead dog so people would know that this pit bull almost killed my dog. I also turned to the courts. One court placed my neighbor on probation, and the other court dragged the situation out and did not proceed as it had informed me it would. I paid more than $1,200 for my dog’s surgery in order to save her, and I realize, now, that I will never get a cent from my irresponsible and uncaring neighbor. My Neighborhood Watch Association suggested that I take it to the courts, so I am thankful that I did and my neighbor has received at least some consequence.

Also, my neighbor is a renter, and was not supposed to have a dog on the property – as I discovered by taking the property owner to court, as well. So now, at least the pit bull is gone, though I keep a watchful eye and am prepared with a bit more than mace should anything come up in the future. It is sad that I cannot completely enjoy the outdoors on my own property for concern about what is going on next door. There’s more to it than that, as well, but I’ll leave it to that they are not the type of neighbors anyone would desire. Sadly, I get to be the lucky one to have them next to me.

At any rate, my little dog is much tougher than I ever thought, and she made it through. She’s already 13 and doesn’t have too much time left on this earth, so I am happy she made a complete recovery. Again, I am thankful for the two UPS drivers who came to our aid and got the pit bull away from my dog at the time she was being attacked. I am also so thankful for my local veterinarian and the staff at Snellville Animal Hospital for all of their care, professionalism, and expertise. My brave little dog would not have made it without them!

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