Trump: Worst US President Ever Amidst Capitol Bloodshed and Chaos

Trump has to go! It’s plain and simple. Trump must leave the Office of the President of the United States immediately! Following the bloodshed and chaos that erupted in Washington, DC yesterday at the Capitol Building as a result of Trump’s rallying speech to Americans who he, himself, has radicalized and brainwashed, Trump must be relieved of his duties as soon as possible! It should have already been done.

Maintaining Trump in office at this juncture has likely only emboldened him even more to incite further riotous behavior that will continue to cost people their lives, damage our democracy, and poison our nation. He is nothing but toxic – not only to our nation, but our world. Many people lost their lives – or their lives were placed in peril – during the incredible chaos that occurred at the Capitol. Frankly and sadly, I am surprised the situation that occurred on January 6, 2021 was not actually worse than it was.

Trump’s presidency for the past four years has been nothing short of a terrible nightmare, and it keeps getting worse with each passing day. Today, there were a record – a record – number of Americans who died as a result of coronavirus complications – more than 4,000 people in one day! And, what is this fake president doing? He is hiding out in the White House, fuming and planning out his next strategy to remain in the very office he has lost with no one to blame but himself.

It won’t be a moment too soon for President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to be officially sworn in and work on getting America back on its feet. It won’t be a moment too soon. In fact, why is there such a large lag time of 2.5 months after an election for a transition of our national executives to occur? That may have been needed far in the past, but is much too long to wait now – especially in the wake of all of the destructive division and chaos that President Trump has caused.

It won’t be a moment too soon for Americans to get back to focusing on what matters – the lives of all Americans. COVID-19 has been a horrible scourge upon our country and world, and it has been given a more fertile ground to spread and kill innocent people as a result of a man who is absolutely, solely concerned about none other than himself. Everything he says and everything he does is only for his own benefit. I have seen and heard nothing that he has done for Americans if there is no benefit going directly to him in some way.

Fellow citizens, lawmakers, public authorities, and all Americans – do not allow President Trump to brainwash you with manipulation and lies. Donald Trump has caused much more than embarrassment to America – he has caused the destabilization and destruction of American ideals – the ideals that our country was founded upon. We, as a people, must all come to our senses, and make the madness cease!

It’s the Wild West of the Coronavirus out there!

Coronavirus in Flickr Public Domain

Coronavirus (from in Public Domain, April 8, 2020)

It’s the Wild West of coronavirus out there, and it doesn’t seem to be letting up around here yet! In my previous blog post, immediately prior to this one, I explained that I am a counselor at a mental health facility in the Southeastern United States. Thankfully, especially in situations such as that happening right now with the coronavirus shelter-in-place orders and curfews, I have and been able to keep my part-time hours. However, the Wild West of coronavirus still puts every person at risk of getting it, particularly when people persist in not taking it seriously.

In my prior blog post, I stated that I was exposed to a colleague (who also works at another mental health hospital) who was exposed to a patient who had been hospitalized and in serious or critical condition due to the coronavirus. My exposure to this colleague occurred on March 29, 2020 when this colleague came to work, and we were in the same department office and he was using my desk in that office. I should also state that this colleague worked all day at our mutual workplace the day before that – March 28, 2020. Between those two days and his travels throughout the hospital, he exposed dozens of staff and patients to potential coronavirus. He was informed by his employer of potential exposure on March 29, and left our mutual workplace once informed.

On Monday, March 30, 2020, my colleague got tested for coronavirus, and yesterday, April 7, 2020, was informed that he tested positive for it. Thankfully and with great relief, my colleague has been asymptomatic, as per his reports. It is my understanding, however, that people who are asymptomatic can still (obviously) be carriers of coronavirus and can infect other people with it. It is also my understanding (as well as through my own observations on March 29) that my colleague who worked at our mutual workplace on the weekend of March 28-29 did not wear any protective equipment to prevent a potential spread of the coronavirus until after he stated he received a call from his employer about his potential exposure to it. Only after that call did my colleague begin wearing a surgical mask.

On March 29, I informed the charge nurse at the hospital of my colleague’s potential exposure to coronavirus, as well as my own exposure to this colleague. At that time, she informed the hospital’s nursing director about it. Yesterday, I was informed by my supervisor that staff who came into contact with this colleague do not need to be tested for coronavirus! This is per information from the Health Department, apparently! And, there was no word about informing patients at the hospital of their potential exposure to coronavirus.

So, here we are in the Wild West of the coronavirus, folks! You’re on your own. When you go to work in a healthcare facility, and if you’re a patient at a healthcare facility, you’re risking exposure to – or you’ve already been exposed to – coronavirus! You have to make your own decisions and you have to do your best to take care of yourself, as well as your own famiy. I would guess that there are those facilities such as my own workplace that are not requiring staff or patients to take extra precautions to prevent the infection or spread of coronavirus. I would estimate that there are healthcare facilities such as my own that do not require staff and/or patients to wear masks, gloves, or other personal protective equipment. Recall from my prior blog post that I purchased and have been wearing my own, and I was the first staff member at my facility that I observed to wear any PPE at all. And, to my knowledge, the department office in which I work was not cleaned or disinfected (any more than what it typically is) on the weekend that my colleague worked there, beyond what I cleaned with Lysol after he left.

That stated, I am very confident that I do not have the coronavirus, nor that I’ve passed it to my family. I do my very best to wear my own PPE at work all day, except for when I eat or drink something. When I arrive at home, I put my clothing and gloves in the laundry for washing. However, I have typically been using my N95 masks for an average of three days, which likely increases my exposure if the virus is on the outside of my masks. This is not the safest way to proceed, however I hope that it does extend the wearability of the masks that I have.

Our president is banking on social distancing to eliminate coronavirus in the United States, however so, so much more still needs to be done! Why aren’t factories churning out ventilators? Why doesn’t every person in America have masks and personal protective equipment? At least, if they don’t want to use it or wear it, it still should be made available to everyone, and in plentiful rather than limited supply. More testing for the coronavirus still needs to be done on a greater scale, and people who have coronavirus should not be prevented from being admitted to hospitals, and instead, be forced to stay in self-quarantine.

That’s all just not good enough. That’s not America. That’s not the United States that I know – doing less than the bare minimum in the hopes that our country will get through this. It’s not enough to just get through it. It’s not enough to just have faith – we need intelligent action, too. We should be putting absolutely all of our efforts into eradicating this horrific virus rather than allowing an inept federal administration to continue contributing to the deaths of so many people as a result of delays, denials, and inaction. This is a killer virus not to be taken lightly. In short, more needs to be done to stop the Wild West of the coronavirus!