Festively-Decorated Valentine’s Day Cake

Well, it is late, but I finally got to it. It was a busy day, and I meant to bake a cake earlier, but didn’t get to it until later. I enjoyed doing some yardwork therapy today in my yard since the weather was so absolutely beautiful! Yes, I actually do enjoy doing yardwork, at least when it doesn’t wear me out too much.

WordPress will actually show this post on February 15, but I did, in fact, make it on February 14. So, it is still Valentine’s Day. I hope you all enjoyed a Happy Valentine’s Day. Please celebrate with me with my festively-decorated chocolate cake! It’s not perfect, but it tastes just fine. I haven’t made a cake in forever. There are actually some Christmas candies on it – some of what I had left over from my Christmas cookies. And, I enjoyed some of my cake while it was still warm – yum! Hopefully, you found a way to make the day enjoyable.


Baking for Christmas!


Christmas chocolate cake, December 2018

In the past week, I’ve done some baking for Christmas! Usually, my mom does the baking around the holidays, but with her death in March, I’ve done a bit. We all miss Mom and her lovely peanut brittle, fruit cake, and other goodies. She really should’ve opened her own bakery because she was so talented at baking.


Chocolate-nut fudge, December 2018

This year, I tried my hand at the chocolate-nut fudge, and it turned out great! It was the first time I ever made fudge. I followed the recipe to the ‘t,’ and was very pleased with the results. My son really loves the chocolate fudge, and I’m happy he can enjoy some at these Christmas holidays.


Merry Christmas cake, December 2018

I also baked two chocolate cakes, and decorated them with a Christmas theme. I baked one cake for my family and another for our elderly neighbors. Both cakes have a Christmas tree on them.  One cake even has a shooting star at the top – see if you can spot it! Hopefully, I can bake some cookies next…Merry Christmas!